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Why Medford Property Company?

Medford Property Company is a well-founded, firmly established business.  Since our inception, we have been serving the management needs of provate individuals, condominium associations, financial institutions, life insurance companies, real estate syndicators, and others. 

While even some of the  national firms in the industry have come and gone, Medford Property Company has endured, standing the test of time.  That means you can be confident that our company, serving you today, will be here for you tomorrow.

The Medford Team is a cohesive force comprised of the top professionals in the area.  These professionals include specialist in management, administration, marketing, maintenance, rehabilitation, financing and the countless other aspects related to the field. Beyond our initial orientation and training program, each and every member of the Medford Team continually sharpens their competitive edge through comprehensive training and professional development seminars, conducted both in-house and through outside educational sources.

In addition, the Medford Team's Management and Leasing personnel are involved in various trade associations and many ;have been consistently recognized for their contributions to the betterment of the industry.

Company Size.
Medford Property Company is broad in size and scope.  Yet, we are not so large as to lose sight of the needs of each individual client.  We are able to negotiate the lowest possible prices for supplies, contractor services, insurance and financing.  This directly benefits our clients. Our Company's size allows us to charge our clients very reasonable rates for our management services.  We are also receptive to performance-based fee arrangements.

Every member of the Medford Team knows that the real estate business isn't and "8 to 5" job.  It requires 7-days-a-week coverage.  And our team actually likes it that way!We really enjoy the business, and it shows - in our attitude and in our commitment.  No other team of professionals works harder, is more dedicated, more enthusiastic, nor takes greater pride in the properties they manage, than the Medford Team.

Responsiveness to clients, residents and commercial tenants is one of our most impressive traits.

Through weekly reports and extensive computerized reporting procedures, as well as continual verbal commuinication, we keep our clients totally informed as to the status of their property.Our clients will tell you we have a reputation for having an answer to every question, or we'll get back with an answer within 24 hours.  We're available seven days a week to communicate with you concerning the status of your property.

Integrity is more than a word at Medford. It's an attitude

There is an attitude at Medford Property Company.  It's an attitude that goes beyond the knowledge, the numbers and the professionalism.

It's integrity.  And it's one of those seeming intangibles that singles out Medford Property Company in the realm of real estate operators. Simply stated, we deliver what we promise.  It's not only good business, it's one of the attributes that has established Medford Property Company's impeccable reputation among investors, financial institutions, insurance companies, and others related to the real estate industry.

At Medford Property Company, we perform every facet of our business with the utmost integrity.  We strive daily to create sound ideas in marketing and management, vive the most reliable advice and provide the highest level of professional services to each of our valued clients.

No one will work harder for you, or take more pride in your property, than Medford.  We really enjoy the business.  That enjoyment, coupled with experience, integrity, dedication and commitment, creates an atmosphere that evokes success.  That's why, year after year, Medford Property Company continues to be a leader in the industry!

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